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The most exciting part of alcohol production is of course the distilling itself.

It is our passion to set up our customers with perfect conditions for them to produce an excellent distillate, especially through our patents and the custom-made equipment that we offer. Clearly, one important aspect of the perfect equipment is choosing the optimal heating method, column technology and other additional features such as automatic distillery unit controls or the addition of an aroma basket.

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Aroma basket

Developed for our gin distillers, the AROMA basket offers unique advantages. Particularly heat-sensitive botanicals are distilled over the basket. High percentage alcohol vapours pass through the basket and absorb their aromas. Thus, the full intensities of citrus, rose or fresh herbs unfold in your distillate. We offer various AROMA basket models and sizes to suit your distilling system.

Automatic Distillation Unit Control Panels

In addition to the classic distillation unit control system, we also offer automatic control systems adapted to your individual requirements. From full automation of the heating process to recipe control, automated CIP cleaning or remote maintenance.

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Steam Generator

When configuring your MÜLLER Pot Still, you can choose between various heating methods. In addition to electric heating, a combustion chamber for fuels such as wood, oil or gas, or heating with steam offers an alternative option with a lot of advantages.
Specifically for pot still volumes of more than 350 litres, a steam generator becomes a particularly efficient heating method. Together with our partners, we are able to offer steam generators of various models with steam capacities to suit your pot still size.
eating options with oil, gas, electric or solid fuels such as wood pellets are available.


Our high-speed steam generators are characterized by their efficiency and compact design. They are CE certified and do not require any additional annual TÜV approval (depending on output capacity and local laws).

Discharge pump

Our heat-resistant centrifugal pumps are made entirely of stainless steel and of the highest quality. The pump housing is constructed in such a way that solids from stone mashes or pomace are no problem to pump. Due to the high performance of the pump, the outlet can be reduced to NW 50.
This heat resistant waste discharge pump can be retrofitted as a mobile unit or permanently installed on the pot still.


Item No. 22402
Stainless steel centrifugal pump

Engine power: 1.5 KW
Transfer height: up to 4.5 m
Inlet: Garolla DN 80
Outlet: NW 65

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