Space efficient wonder made by MÜLLER


Space efficiency wonder, the MÜLLER AROMA Compact. For this Pot Still model, the column is installed in the centre on top of the pot. The MÜLLER AROMA Compact is a more price efficient entry model and is particularly suited for spatially limited set-up conditions.

The MÜLLER Aroma Compact. More aroma through technological innovation.

With the most advanced rectification plates in the world.

  • High-end entry model
  • Suited for limited and small spatial conditions
  • All heating methods available
  • Agitator
  • Sight glass with lighting



  • Fruit Brandies
  • Spirits
  • Gin and herbal distillates


Also configurable as closed and custom sealed Pot Still Setup

Product line and equipment options of the MÜLLER AROMA Compact from A–Z

The Aroma Compact distillation units by MÜLLER are individually configurable and custom-designed to the needs and requirements of the distiller. Here is an overview of the product line and equipment options


  • Pot Still capacity between 100 – 2,000 litres
  • Integrated CIP hot water cleaning technology
  • Hot water collection tank with booster pump
  • Combinable with our reverse rectification column
  • Integrated agitator
  • Sight glass and lighting
  • Automatic distillation unit controls
  • Discharge pump
  • Direct filling
  • Aroma basket
  • Catalyzer
  • Automatic distillate separator

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Good reasons for distillation units made by MÜLLER

Custom-design based on individual consultation according to your needs

Optimal product configuration for best aroma output

The most technologically advanced distillation units by MÜLLER

Quality made in Germany

Traditional craftsmanship meets innovation

Satisfaction guarantee and repair service

MÜLLER distillation units are being used worldwide

Distilleries and Brands value and rely on the uncompromising quality standards and premium craftsmanship by MÜLLER

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