Eugin Distilleria


Eugin Distilleria Indipendente

Italy, Meda, Province MB

The Distillery

Eugenio was very interested in distillation for many years and he always had the dream of distilling is own gin. So, in 2018 he joined forces with his brother and together they founded their small independent distillery. Since both of them appreciate the great importance to craftsmanship, they found their custom made COMAPCT distillery at Müllers. A lot of the botanicals they use are hand-picked by the two brothers in the region between Como and Milan before they are refined into gin. Four of their gins have been awarded silver and gold at the International Taste Award just one year after they opened their distillery.

Pot Still

"Robert" Compact 150


International Taste Award (ITA) 2020:
- Gold for Eugin No°7
- Silver for Eugin No°9
- Silver for Edizione Speciale Estade
- Silver for Editione Speciale Primavera


Gin in several different variations 

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