Then and Now

Visionary in spirit. Rooted in our home region.

Traditional. Innovative. Forward Looking.

As a medium-sized family business with 15 employees, led by its third generation, we manufacture pot stills using traditional craftsmanship and supply state-of-the-art Pot Stills all over the world.

Visionary in spirit. Rooted in our home region.

The fourth generation of our family is highly motivated and eager to carry into the future what their predecessors have founded and established. Sebastian, Lukas and Clemens Müller bring the necessary skill sets for the international market into the family business. They continue to focus on the traditional, custom-build and hand-crafted manufacturing of distillery units to maintain our world-wide quality symbol: “It’s a Müller“.

The potentials of early digitisation

In 1994, Bernd Müller of the third generation took over the management of the firm from his father Friedrich Müller. Supported by his wife Claudia, the business started to solely specialize in the manufacturing and repairs of distillation units.
Together, they recognized the ever growing importance of the Internet for the growth of the family owned craft business early on. Today, in addition to many local micro distilleries, international clients from all over the globe belong to their customer base. As an innovator and visionary, Bernd Müller continually strives for technical advancements and improvements. This is how he developed the MÜLLER AROMAT, as well as the MÜLLER AROMA.

Setting the course for the manufacturing of pot stills

Friedrich Müller in 1961

In 1960, Franz Müller handed over the management to his son Friedrich Müller. Together with his wife Maria Müller, Friedrich not only oversaw the company, but also continued to carry on with the small agricultural business of the family. Part of the work included tinsmith and installation jobs in the village. For the business’ manufacturing operations, the emphasis was put on advancements of the Pot Stills. During these years, the company Friedrich Müller Kupferschmiede und Apparatebau (engl.Friedrich Müller Copper Smith and Apparatus Construction) became known all across the Ortenau region. The employee count increased as well which allowed for the physical expansion of the business.

1945 Company Changes

In the years to follow, the company continued to expand. A bike shop and a gas station were added to the company's operations. Indicatory, however, were still the manufacturing of pot stills.

Ingenious And Full Of Ideas

Even the business’ founder Franz Müller stood for innovation, technical advancements and he had a wealth of ideas. For instance, the manufacturing of so called “field rollers” which are used to flatten uneven hay meadows. To provide the necessary weight, he filled them with water.

Transport of a pot still around 1945

A Small Craft Business

In the village, Franz Müller took care of any necessary smithery type jobs, such as the shoeing and sharpening of plough blades. Together with the local wainwright’s, he assumed metal works on the then typical cow, ox and horse carts. At the beginning of war time, Franz Müller was drafted. After the end of the war in 1945, he was able to re-establish the smithery.

1929 How It All Started

In 1929, Franz Müller founded a small craft business with the focus on smithery on Tiergarten’s main street. As a mechanical engineer by trade, he complemented his training to huff smith and master smith. Together with his wife Mrs. Rosa Müller he also ran a small agricultural business.

Franz Müller and his wife Rosa Müller in 1929