Specifically designed for Grappa distillers


In collaboration with the Italian god of grappa, Vittorio Capovilla, our model MÜLLER Grappa is specifically designed for grappa distillers. The model MÜLLER Grappa operates non-conventionally and with no or only very little addition of water to the pot still. Because thermal ballast is not used, this “dry method” conserves water, time and energy costs. This distillation unit which was designed and engineered with Vittorio Capovilla is perfected for distilling Grappa. It is also just as useful for making fine spirits and for distilling fruits.

MÜLLER Grappa. More aroma through technological innovation.

Product features

  • Large hinged lid for an easy filling
  • Integrated and removable sieve baskets
  • Easy unloading with the help of a crane
  • One Pot Still for wash and 2nd distillation
  • Integrated dephlegmator
  • All heating solutions available



  • Grappa / Marc / Pomace
  • Fruit Brandies


Also configurable as closed and custom sealed Pot Still Setup
Discover a Closed MÜLLER AROMAT Setup


Product- and configuration options on the MÜLLER Grappa from A to Z

All Grappa Pot Stills by MÜLLER can be individually equipped based op customers preferences and needs.

Optional add-ons available are:

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