BADEN BURNS! For our homeland.

BADEN BURNS! For our homeland.

Within the framework of the Anniversary 75 years of small distillery association invite the Baden distillers. At 18.09.2021 a variety of events, tours and schnapps tastings take place. Discover the great distilling art of the Baden distillers live.

Throughout Baden, businesses can be visited on the weekend (September 18 and 19). Especially here in the Ortenau, the heart of the Baden distiller's art, there are numerous events with over 50 open distillery doors, there is something for everyone, whether fruit brandy, gin or liqueur lovers - everyone will get their taste. Many of our customers will also be there.

Learn more now, on the page of the Badische Brenner.

A few highlights:

Nordracher fruit distillery rally 2021

It will be enjoyable: 12 fruit distillery farms in Nordrach have opened their Brennhisli and spoil the hikers with farm specialties, fine brandies, spirits and liqueurs. And it will be exciting! Along the way, there are various farms to reach, exciting questions to find and answer along the way, and points to collect in various games!

Oberkircher Brennersteig

The quality hiking trail leads you along narrow forest paths and through fantastically beautiful meadows, orchards and vineyards around the Hesselbach Valley to the Geigerskopfturm. Numerous distilleries and refreshment stops line the way.

Schnapps fountain path Sasbachwalden

More than 10 schnapps wells can be discovered on a northern (7 km) and southern (12 km) circular hiking trail. Cold mountain spring water constantly flows through these wells, which are located at beautiful vantage points, to cool the drinks stored in them. Here is something for every taste: High-percentage drinks from our own production, such as schnapps, liqueurs and must, but also non-alcoholic drinks for the little ones are not missing.

Baden burns in the wine&Erholungsort Beckstein

Small distillers from all over Beckstein will open their doors on September 19 to show interested people their products and how they work.


For those who long for more of a leisurely weekend, there are additionally many open distillery doors and tasting opportunities.

You can find an overview of the venues here.

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