Indulgence and distilling culture from Baden

Indulgence and distilling culture from Baden


New enjoyment video shows all facets of distilling culture in Baden - from the distillery manufactory to the small distillery

Press release: BSI News 17/2023

The new video from the "Maßvoll genießen" initiative is a cinematic journey through Baden's distilling culture. It presents all facets of the regional distilling culture: Sebastian Müller, junior manager of Müller Brennereianlagen GmbH in Oberkirch in the Black Forest, shows in the film how a still is made from a piece of sheet copper and how modern and aesthetic stills are manufactured with great craftsmanship and exported from the Black Forest all over the world. A few kilometers away from the distillery plant manufactory, master distiller Müller-Herold has such a plant in operation at the Grüner Baum distillery. 

Johannes Müller-Herold, tenth-generation master distiller in Oberkirch-Ödsbach, focuses on time in his distillery: "The faster I send a distillate through the still, the less aroma there is in the end product. That means I have to take my time and distil gently." When it comes to the perfect end product, plant manufacturer Sebastian Müller sees his part as modest: "The distiller has the main influence on the end product. We support him with state-of-the-art technology so that he has the opportunity to produce a perfect product. This is how high-quality, indulgent products are created in the region, which involve a lot of craftsmanship and work." The distilling tradition in the Black Forest region has grown historically and goes back to Empress Maria Theresa, who allowed farmers to distil their own fruit up to a certain amount. As a result, orchards have been cultivated for centuries and still characterize the region's attractive tourist landscape today. Distillers and master distillers also agree: enjoyment can only be in moderation, and background knowledge of the production process is an essential part of this.

Many ambassadors have already contributed to the "Enjoy in moderation" initiative, such as ecotrophologist, author, publicist and speaker Uwe Knop, anti-ageing physician Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Kleine-Gunk, MEP Ulrike Müller and star chef Nelson Müller. The video clips and contributions on the website are intended to encourage consumers to reflect on their own definition of enjoyment. All of the initiative's indulgence messages can also be found on the YouTube channel "Maßvoll genießen".

"The two companies involved in the Genuss-Clip show how tradition, modern technology and innovation complement each other in the craft of distilling. We wish Baden's distillers every success with their application for the intangible cultural heritage - the art of distilling in Germany," says BSI Managing Director Angelika Wiesgen-Pick.

On the website visitors can find neutral and comprehensive information on the topics of "alcohol, health, enjoyment and youth protection". Around 1 million users use this service every year. Since the beginning of 2020, a nutritional value database has also been integrated on the site, which provides minimum information on nutritional values (in kcal), fats, sugar, protein and salt for the most common types of spirits. 

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