Full automation of your distillery control system. Developed by experts.

MÜLLER Controls Pro

From the supply of raw materials to cleaning - the fully automated MÜLLER Controls Pro burner control system significantly reduces manual effort. Design your production process efficiently. Precise real-time control via the touch display and mobile device.
Developed to meet the demands of modern distilleries.

Consistent distillate quality.

With the help of the heating power control, the energy supply is adjusted individually depending on the distillation phase and the fractions pre-, mid- and post-distillation
separated automatically. All the parameters required for this are stored and saved in the recipe management system, ensuring reproducible
distillate qualities are created. 

Energy efficient.

MÜLLER Controls Pro not only optimizes the production process, but also contributes to energy efficiency. Precise control and monitoring minimizes energy losses, which not only protects the environment but also leads to considerable cost savings.

Increase efficiency, improve product quality and minimize resource consumption, all in an innovative system designed for
Reliability and top performance - MÜLLER Controls Pro.

Product features:

  • Touch display for operating and displaying all firing processes
  • Recipe management
  • Remote maintenance
    Automated heating and distillation separation
    Option of automated steam heating with steam control valve and pressure monitoring in the water bath
  • Alarm management
  • Multilingualism


  • Additional visualization on mobile device
  • Mash control
  • Fermentation monitoring


  • Settlement distilleries
  • De-powering systems
  • Sealing distilleries
  • Mashing and fermentation plants

Your advantages:

  • Reproducible products thanks to recipe management
  • Can be retrofitted to existing systems
  • Individual adaptations to customer requirements
  • Digitalization 4.0 eligible for funding (depending on country/regulation)


Automated cleaning

Product features

  • Cleaning process using solenoid valves
  • Short rinsing time (standard cleaning)
  • Long rinsing time (dry cleaning)

Areas of application

  • Settlement distilleries
  • De-powering systems
  • Sealing distilleries
  • Mashing and fermentation plants

Your advantages

  • Can be retrofitted to existing systems
  • Making work easier
  • Quality assurance

Fractional separation

Product features

  • Manual or automated fraction separation
  • Flow quantity recording
  • Downstream separation based on spirit tube temperature

Areas of application

  • Settlement distilleries
  • De-powering systems
  • Sealing distilleries

Your advantages

  • Can be retrofitted to existing systems
  • Reproducible distillates
  • Quality assurance

MÜLLER Controls in comparison.

Control of motors/pumps/lighting x x x
Temperature monitoring in the water bath/hat/spirit tube x x x
Main switch/emergency stop switch x x x
Manual control of the heat output (electric, gas or steam) x x x
Safety thermostat for safety shutdown in the event of a lack of cooling water x x x
Distillation separation of inlet, middle run and outlet x x x
Automated cleaning process (CIP) x x x
Operating hours recording and fire counter x x x
Status messages as push notifications on any end device (prerequisite: network connection) x x
Visualization of the distillation processes on a mobile device x x
Visualization via touch display x x
Automated filling and emptying of the still x
Automated heat output control x
Recipe management x
Remote maintenance via secure VPN connection x
Alarm management x
Single mash automation option x
Fermentation control option x

Controls in comparison.

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