The revolution of the cap distillery


The MÜLLER VERITAS official alcohol measuring device. A world first.

We simplify the capping distillery throughout Europe for both the distiller and the customs authority.
The special measuring method eliminates the need for complex capping tank systems, as the MÜLLER Veritas alcohol measuring device (AME) not only records the quantity of alcohol (liters), it also takes samples to easily determine the alcohol concentration.

Official alcohol measuring device

  • Works without external power supply (purely mechanical)
  • Direct access to the produced
  • Can be retrofitted to existing systems
  • Maintenance-free
  • No more sealed tanks necessary



  • Sealing distilleries

Product variants and equipment options of the MÜLLER VERITAS from A-Z

The alcohol-water mixture flowing in (feed) from the boiler fills the volume measuring device. A special filling process creates a torque that drives a counter and measures the alcohol that has flowed through in liters.
The volume measuring device complies with the tolerance specifications of the customs office. In the event of a jam, a control container fills up as proof. With the MÜLLER Veritas 4 LS/PN, a sample is taken continuously and stored in a sample collection container, which is emptied and measured regularly. The system requires no electrical or pneumatic energy, which reduces susceptibility to faults.

  • Bulk of the volumetric measuring device:
    4 x 1.00 liter
  • Flow rate of the measuring device: max. 120 l/h
  • Volume of the collection container for holding the separated sample: 30 liters
  • Separation ratio of the sample separation: approx. 1/210
  • Maximum control interval: approx. 6000 liters flow rate
  • System specially secured by double locking (in the European Economic Area, the respective country regulations apply)
  • You can find more information in the product data sheet


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