Brennevinsgrova AS


Brennevinsgrova AS

Norway, Straumgjerde

The Distillery

Between the harbour town of Alesund and the picturesque Geirangerfjord you will find the small village of Straumgjerde. Especially during the icy winters, when drinking water became scarce, the travelling workers, fishermen and locals took a break here at the water source called Brennevinsgrova. Today Harald Stroemmegjerde's 350L AROMAT distillery is located not far from this spring, where he produces various types of aquavit and gin. Perhaps you will have the pleasure of having a stop at the Brennevinsgrova distillery and enjoy a gin cocktail with a breath-taking view into the fjord landscape of Norway.

Customer Review

"We went to Germany to visit several manufacturers of distillery units. Sadly, we went to your place first, and I was “sold” after the tour of the production workshop. The handcrafting of the distillery parts, together with the old solid machinery, was very fascinating. And as a family business lasting for several generations, I know this was a serious and reliable company. The information we got after the tour gave me a lot of information and the help I needed to continue the work to start a distillery. Service and help in the start-up of production has been very good." - Harald Stroemmegjerde

Pot Stills

350 liter AROMAT with 2 extra rectification plates and aroma basket,steam heated


Brennevinsgrova London Dry Gin
Brennevinsgrova Akevitt

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