Health with the Swiss Stone Pine


Zierbenbetrieb SCC -Health with Stone Pine

Austria, Jerzens in Tyrol

The Distillery

The Reinstadlers are located in the heart of the Alps at Pitztal.There they distill a very special product – Swiss Stone Pipe Oil.
Roswita and Sepp run their own sawmill in which domestic wood such as Swiss stone pine, larch or spruce is sawn and processed daily. Parts, which cannot be used by the carpenter i.e. waste wood, shavings, needles, branch tips, branches or cones are chopped and distilled. With their MÜLLER Herbal Distillation, the essential oil is gently extracted from this material by using water steam.
Approximately 1,000 kg of raw material is required for 1 litre of essential Swiss stone pine oil.
This special oil can be used in many ways. Medical tests prove that it has above all a calming effect on the body. Thus, Swiss stone pine oil or Swiss stone pine water is mainly used for sleep disorders and weather sensitivity. Interestingly, it also drives away vermin and moths. All in all a very special organic product.

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