Stokerij Vanderlinden


Stokerij Vanderlinden

Belgium, Hasselt

The Distillery

Hasselt, the city where Stokerij Vanderlinden is located, is known far beyond the borders of just Belgium. It is known as „the capital of the Jenever”. This famous brandy has been produced here from juniper berries for almost 400 years now. Every year on the third weekend in October, the whole town celebrates this regional specialty at the traditional Jeneverfest.
Therefore, Olivier Vanderlinden's passion did not come out of the blue. In a former cowshed behind his house he built his very own dream of a craft distillery. With his Müller AROMAT 350L he now distils over 25 different products. In addition to fruit brandies or the world-famous jenever, the original gin is also being distilled in many variations. On request, interested customers can also have their own products distilled here in the Müller Still - according to their own preferences.

Pot Stills

MÜLLER AROMAT 350 liter - closed system


Gold for Raspberry Delight at the Spirit Selection Award 2019


more than 25 different spirits


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