The Dampfwerk Distillery Co.


The Dampfwerk Distillery Co.

Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, USA

The Distillery

When Ralf decided to emigrate into the USA to start a family there, he certainly did not think that he would open a distillery at some point. “Dampfwerk Distillery” is the name of his new passion, which he now runs together with his whole family.
In St. Louis Park, Minnesota, specialties of his old homeland Germany are being distilled. That includes all kinds of fruit brandies made from local fruits as well as the“Helgolander”herbal liqueur. The Löffelholz family wants to pass on the German drinking culture with lovingly decorated bottles and labels. If you want to get to know the family, you can visit them for a drink in the newly opened Cocktail Lounge or participate in a guided tour through the distillery.

Customer Review

"I always loved the commercial: Muellers milk..muellers really: a) you guys were and still are the most responsive team I dealt with. b) the quality is outstanding - I always talk about my Porsche in comparison to other equipments when talking about my Mueller still, and c) it is not only pretty and of high quality, but it works, the design clearly show that the people that designed the still know more than a few things about distilling. D) and don't tell anyone and specifically Frank: he is awesome!" - Ralf Loeffelholz

Pot Still

MÜLLER AROMAT 500 liters, steam heated



herbal liqueurs gins, aquavit, fruit brandies, and malt whiskeys coming soon

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