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Distillery units of a new generation.

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With the goal to extract the most diverse aroma profile and a particularly differentiated spectrum of flavours in a gentle way, we collaborated with former distillers and designed the world’s most advanced column technology. It is the heart of the MÜLLER Pot Still and as part of the system it offers the most efficient and most flavour enhancing distillation method in combination with MÜLLER’s well-known aroma hat.

This unconditional commitment to quality distinguishes Müller distillation plants worldwide and makes them the most advanced distillation plants for fully aromatic spirits.

Southern German Ingenuity

Every day since 1929, our highly motivated and passionate team of copper smiths, constructers, unit mechanics and engineers has tinkered, developed and manufactured in our work shop with blood, sweat and tears. Our distillation units are known for longevity, efficiency and MÜLLER’s superior quality standards – all manufactured with German craftsmanship in our family business.

Traditional Workmanship Comes with Obligations

In our business, ingenuity has held a long tradition! Despite all the continuous technological advancements, it is our common courtesy to offer spare parts for all of the distillation units and all equipment that leave our business for decades to come. Longevity is one of the main characteristics of all our units.

Patented unique:
The Müller AromaT

Its patented secret is a copper spiral of 10 meters. It is located in the column technology instead of boiling and sieve trays. The alcohol vapor rises upward toward the cooling dephlegmator. The higher boiling portion of the vapor stream condenses and forms a phlegm that flows downward in the channel. There is a constant mass transfer between the upward rising vapor and the downward flowing phlegm. The phlegm quantity and the dephlegmator temperature are continuously adjustable.

This patented column technology make the Müller Aromat a real aroma miracle compared to distillation with conventional column technology.


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The Müller AromaT

The inverted tray is a patented further development of the classic bell tray. As a result, column technology with a reversed trays brings significantly increased efficiency through a significantly reduced steam velocity, maximization of the contact area of steam flow and phlegm, and a significantly increased contact time of the alcohol steam with the copper surface and the phlegm.
This is what creates extraordinary aromatic distillates.


Visu Aromat

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