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After the successful completion of your mashing process, the fermenting procedures can begin. There are a few important things to consider: Once again cleanliness is one of the most important principles. We advise to make sure that the fermentation tons or tanks can be cleaned simply and easily. The containers should also be covered or equipped with a closable lid to avoid contamination, for example by mold. It is important that the Co2, produced during fermentation, can escape throughout the whole fermentation process through an airlock.


For optimal fermentation results, you will find everything you need in our fermentation product catalogue: distilling yeasts suitable for a variety of applications, yeast nutrients, acids, enzymes and a wide range of fermentation containers.

fermentation tanks

We would be pleased to plan custom fermentation tanks to suit your needs. Stainless-steel tanks are particularly robust and multifunctional. These tanks are equipped with:

– 3 height adjustable feet
- Front manhole door
- Top dome cover
- Filling and drainage ball valve NW 50
- Fermentation valve DN 50
- Level indicator
- Inclined connection for tank agitator NW-50
- Dial thermometer
- Double jacket in lower area, for cooling

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