Channel Island Liquor Co

United Kingdom

Channel Island Liquor Co

United Kingdom, Island of Guernsey and Jersey

The Distillery

As a chef, Luke has always been focused on flavours. It was precisely through his job that he developed a keen sense for nuances in taste and flavours. Now that he has become the hotelier of the beautiful "Bella Luce Hotel" and spent less and less time in the kitchen, he was looking for a new way to experiment with flavours. The idea of having his own distillery behind the hotel bar was almost obvious, especially since his family had been involved in the trade and production of alcohol for over 100 years. So Luke first experimented with small kettles until he decided to get the 230L Müller AROMAT.
Of course, the location on the island of Guernsey also plays a decisive role in the creation of his products. The rock samphire - also called sea fennel - is picked off the cliffs of the island itself. As a hotel guest at the Bella Luce Hotel, you can regularly look over Luke's shoulder while distilling and learn a lot about distillation.
Wheadons Gin has become very successful so that Luke decided to get another 350L AROMAT on the neighboring island of Jersey. In addition to another Gin, the “Indica Rum” is also being distilled in small batches.

Pot Stills

"Old Nick" - 230 liter AROMAT on the Island of Guernsey

350 liter AROMAT + 2 rectification plates on the Island of Jersey


Wheadons Gin

Indica Rum

Pink Granite Gin

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