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Founded in 2014, Copenhagen distillery now became one of the largest and most successful craft distilleries in Denmark. Their amazing product range includes award-winning gins, the classic nordic aquavit, and now also single malt whiskies This assortment of amazing handmade spirits is not only a nice to drink neat, you can also make cocktails based on all of their products. A huge variety of signature recipes can be found at Copenhagen Distillery’s website. The typical Scandinavian way of doing things is not only being represented in their distillates but also in their design, their location as well as their approach when it comes to sustainability. Since 2019, their full range of products are 100% organic which comes alongside many other aspects in terms of an environmental friendly production. For example, the 1.000L MÜLLER AROMAT Still is electrically heated, while the electricity is all windmill generated. While the grist from the whisky is to be repurposed for animal fodder and the hot cooling water is being re-used for the whisky mashing process.

Anyone who wants to learn more about Copenhagen Distillery and their fantastic products can book a distillery tour & tasting event or join on of their concerts, seminars or dance shows being hosted at their 500sqm event location with a fantastic view towards their beautiful Pot Still.

Pot Still

AROMAT 1.000 L with individual whisky hat and aroma basket

  • "DANISH WHISKY OF THE YEAR" by Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2021
  • "Master” award at the Gin Masters 2019 for the Copenhagen Dry Gin
  • “Gold" award at the Gin Masters 2018 for the Copenhagen Bay Leaf Gin
  • "Master” award at the Gin Masters 2017 for Copenhagen Oak Gin
  • “Gold” award at the Gin Masters 2017 for Copenhagen Orange Gin
  • “Silver” award at IWSC 2017 for Copenhagen Aquavit Black Taffel and Aquavit Dill Anise

Dry Gin - Orange Gin - Bay Leaf Gin - Oak Gin

Single Malt Whisky - Single Malted Emmer Whisky

Aquavit Dill Anise - Aquavit Black Taffel - Aquavit Mulberry Rose - Aquavit Cinnamon Pepper


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