Fine Spirit Manufacturer - Rose Valley


Fine Brandy Manufactory - Rose Valley

Germany, Striegistal in Saxony

The Distillery

Eric has been running his distillery near Dresden since 2016.
Right from the start, he has dedicated himself to his passion of whisky. For maximum distilling flexibility it was clear that he would have to get a closed pot still system. Eric is doing a double distillation with a lot of patience and time to capture all flavors in his final products. He is using his Müller AROMA 170 liter pot still with a dephlegmator and a large Aroma-helmet. The special feature: His pot still is additionally equipped with a botanical basket for his gins. His corporate philosophy as a distiller is “pure nature”, which means all products are made without artificial flavors and additives.
Intensely aromatic fruit brandies of pear, apple and cherry as well as spirits of hazelnut and raspberry can also be found in Eric’s product line.
Anyone who is interested in distilling their own products can also have their fruit or gin creation distilled in the contract-distillery.

Pot Still

MÜLLER AROMA 170 liter, closed-system


- Whisky "Rose Valley
- Gin "Rose Valley
- Fruit Brandies
- Herbal liqueurs

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