Hinrichsens Island-Whisky


Hinrichsens Island-Whisky

Germany, Dunsum on the Island of Föhr (North Sea)

The Distillery

As the first distillery on the island of Föhr, the Hinrichsen family made their dream of making their own whisky come true. The special location in the middle of the Wadden Sea National Park, the best Föhrer raw materials and the careful processing on their farm in Dunsum, result in a unique product.
The special feature - all the necessary processing steps for the perfect whisky are carried out on their own farm - this is almost unique in Germany. "Grain to glass" - everything is homemade.
The Hinrichsen family cultivates their own grain and they malt it themselves in a small malting plant constructed especially for them. Jan brews the mash and then distils it in his Müller AROMA 350 closed pot still.
Since 2019, all the facilities have been in operation and the production can be visited. There you are able to see all the steps, from the cultivation of the grain, through the processing on the farm, to the finished product. Of course this includes a tasting of the "New Make" as well. The first whiskies can then be tasted once the storage obligation of three years has been reached.

The Hinrichsen family farm is an adventure farm with leisure activities, farm shop and catering, funballs, swing golf, football golf, petting zoo ... there is something for every age. In the farm café and farm restaurant you can enjoy delicious cakes, burgers and steaks made from high quality farm grown organic meat.

A great project, which makes a visit to the Hinrichsen family farm on the island of Föhr absolutely worthwhile.

Customer Review

"I have relied on the recommendations of other distillers and the aroma of their distillates. I was particularly impressed with the AROMAT. When planning my pot still, I was able to rely on the personal and familiar way of running the business. Above all, I was also impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship of the systems" – Jan Hinrichsen.

Pot Still

MÜLLER AROMAT 350 - Closed Setup (German Custom Regulation)


Hinrichsen New Make and soon Hinrichsen Island-Whisky