AS Liviko

Estonia, Tallinn

The Distillery

The Liviko Distillery looks back on a success story of more than 120 years. The company was founded in 1898 and has since become the leading producer and supplier of alcoholic beverages to all Baltic countries. Among the most famous products are the Viru Valge Vodka and the Vana Tallinn Liqueur. In addition to that, they have also been dedicated to craft distilling for years and therefore the Crafters Gin has become known worldwide.

In 2018, the more than 100-year-old copper pot still called "Mama Ilse" was allowed to retire and got replaced by two modern MÜLLER units. With the 100L AROMAT called " Matha" and the 500L AROMAT called "Elfriede" the range of craft products now became more and more extensive. The Liviko Distillery even developed a Zero-Waste Softdring (Recrafted Crafters) where the remaining botanicals from the Crafters Gin distillation are transformed into an ingenious non-alcoholic soft drink.

By the way, all three pot still ladies can be visited in a distillery tour with interactive museum and subsequent tasting. Registration for the tour can be done via their website. Absolutely worthwhile.

Pot Stills

"Matha" AROMA 100
"Elfriede" AROMAT 500

AROMA 100 is used for research and development as well as small batches or specialties.
Heated by steam and/or electric
AROMAT 500, steam heated with AROMAT column and 2 reverse rectification plates, steam heated
Both Pot Stills are equipped with an aroma basket as well.


IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition) 2017- silver medal in the London Dry Gin category
IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition) 2017- bronze medal in "Gin and Tonic" sub-competition
SIP Awards (Spirits International Prestige) 2017- gold medal
SIP Awards (Spirits International Prestige) 2017- platinum award in the bottle design category
SIP Awards (Spirits International Prestige) 2016- gold medal
Estonian National Advertising festival "Golden Egg 2016"- golden egg in packaging design
The Spirits International Prestige 2016- silver medal in packaging design
Best Alcoholic Drink in Estonia 2016


Crafters Gin
Re-crafted Crafter`s
Vana Tallinn vodka
Cornflower fine vodka
CXX redistilled vodka

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