Nordisk Brænderi


Nordisk Brænderi

Denmark, Fjerritslev

The Distillery

Adventurer and globetrotter Anders Bilgram runs this cozy distillery on the north coast of Denmark near the ice age glacier Hødalen, in the small town called Fjerritsle.
Since childhood, Anders has been fascinated by undiscovered landscapes, cultures and plants.
On numerous expeditions to the ice deserts of the far north, Anders Bilgram not only experienced the concentrated forces of nature, but he also encountered many hidden cultures. In the settlements along the coasts of the Arctic Ocean, there was often home-made vodka to be tasted, the so-called "jungle brew", a kind of primeval vodka.
With these impressions in mind, Anders Bilgram decided to open one of the first Danish Craft Distilleries in 2009. He learned the art of distilling from master distiller Herbert Rösch and continued to develop his product portfolio step by step. His urge to capture the aromas of the north allowed for new creations to arise again and again. As a former social worker he is also involved in many social projects and every year he inspires new youth groups to support him in his search for wild juniper, hand-picked birch leaves, pine needles, angelica, cranberries and blueberries.
In addition to countless award-winning gins, including a non-alcoholic gin, Anders Bilgram and his family also distill aquavit, whisky, fruit brandies, rum and even a carrot or beetroot vodka with his new steam-heated 500L AROMAT.
Whoever is in the area - a visit is worthwhile!

Pot Stills

AROMAT 230 + AROMAT 500 with extra rectification plates and aroma basket


- Gold medal at "The Fifty Best Gin" , New York 2018
- Gold at the Nordisk Spirit Awards 2020
- Distillery of the Year (Berlin International Spirits Competition)
- Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition
.... and many more

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- Wander rum

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