Priory B&D Lab


Priory B&D Lab

Spain, Bellmunt del Priorat

The Distillery

40 minutes east of Tarragona, you find the Priorato region with the small picturesque village of Bellmunt del Priorat.
Until 50 years ago, lead was mined in the tunnels below the village. Today the region is dominated by viticulture and is one of the best wine-growing regions in Spain.
The Priorat B&D Lab began producing vermouth, a red wine flavored with spices and herbs, which is often used as an aperitif and also for many cocktails.
Since summer 2019, a closed MÜLLER AROMAT system supplements this project and it was built especially in accordance with Spanish distilling laws for the production of marc spirits, brandies and gin.

Pot Still

MÜLLER AROMAT 230 liter - closed system

steam heated and with aroma basket


Vermouth, Distillates and Liqueurs

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