Þoran Distillery


Þoran Distillery

Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

The Distillery

In 2013, Icelandic graphic designer Birgir Már Sigurðsson decided to take a hard right turn in his career and began drawing up a concept for Icelandic gin and whisky. Taking inspiration from the sea around Iceland and its rugged coastline, the company’s first product was a London Dry gin with classic botanicals such as juniper, coriander and grapefruit, but also locally sourced ingredients like red seaweed and wild angelica. The result was a classic London dry gin with an Icelandic twist, with plenty of juniper and citrus in the nose, and other fruits and spices emerging as you take a sip. By the last sip, your imagination takes you to a black sand beach, feeling the harsh, North-Atlantic wind on your face. Or, in a slightly less poetic fashion, you are left with a lingering taste of freshness and an eagerness to take another sip.

Pot Still

AROMAT 500 L with aroma basket and whisky hat


2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – silver

2019 Gin Masters – silver

2019 SIP Awards – silver

2021 World Gin Awards – silver

Customer Review

“After searching for the perfect still for our production, we eventually found Müller and absolutely fell in love with their craftsmanship, quality of work and above all, their customer care. We told them of our plans to make gin, and perhaps in the future whisky as well, and they were able to advise us on what we needed and how the distillery should be set up. They eventually suggested a 500L still capable of producing what we envisioned. We’ve been using this still for a number of years now and it still amazes me how Müller thought of every little detail. The still is so multi-functional, yet so easy to use.” - Birgir Már Sigurðsson


Marberg - Icelandic London Dry Gin

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