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Holan Spirit - Tuan Minh Distillery

Thái Nguyên, Vietnam

The Distillery

Ho Lan Spirit is a Vietnamese Traditional Rice Spirit of outstanding quality, from the Northern Mountains of Vietnam. It is produced from the well-known "Nep Cai Hoa Vang" whole rice, which is brewed with natural spring water from the "Nui Coc" lake and fermented traditionally with 20 carefully selected herbs and plants. After two distillations, the resulting spirit is aged and matured in traditional terracotta barrels in an underground cellar.

The recipe is based on a very old Vietnamese Tradition and then distilled in modern Müller AROMAT pot still to enhance the amazing flavours while also conducting joint research with a British University and the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology in order to create this unique high-quality spirit.

Ho Lan Spirit is a drink for celebration as it embodies Vietnamese culture and soul and for now it is only available in specially stores throughout Vietnam as well as at the beautiful distillery store in Thai Nguyen. It is not yet available internationally but it will be launched soon.

Pot Stills

Müller AROMAT 350
Müller AROMAT 500



2019 New York International Spirit Competition – Silver Medal  


Dòng Rượu Hồ Lan - The traditional Rice Spirit of Vietnam                    

750ml Special Cask 39%Alc/Vol

750ml Original Cask 29%Alc/Vol

550ml Flavour Cask 27%Alc/Vol                                


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