Wild Distillery


Wild Distillery

Denmark, Bornholm

The Distillery

As the managing director and sommelier in a gourmet restaurant on the Danish island Bornholm, Henrik Nerst came up with the following idea:
Why not try to craft the perfect gin based on handpicked botanicals from Bornholm?
Being a sommelier has helped him to find out which herbs and plants harmonize with each other and how a perfect gin recipe is created.
In a master class, gin lovers can visit the distillery and taste the "WILD” botanicals of the island Bornholm in its various types of gin.

Pot Still

MÜLLER AROMAT 230 Liter with aroma basket


Wild Botanicals Gin
Wild Sloe Gin
Ene Craft Gin - Original Dry
Ene Craft Gin - Navy Strength
Ene Craft Gin - Sea Buckthorn
Ene Craft Gin - Hemp
Ene Craft Gin - Mint
Ene Craft Gin - Tomato
Ene Craft Gin - Espresso
Ene Craft Gin - Sloe

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