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Even a freshly made distillate is not yet a product ready for sale. In general, every distillate, whether it is a fruit brandy, rum, mezcal or gin, all need to rest for a while. We call this "marrying" of the aroma flavours. This process is further enhanced by oxidation - a chemical reaction with oxygen. Thus, depending on the distillate, aging anywhere from a few weeks to several years is a very important component for perfect aroma.
Clear distillates are best stored in stainless steel or glass. For further distillate refinement, wooden barrels of various types are suitable.

Stainless Steel Tanks

Ideal for storing fruit brandy, liquors and wine. The large screw lid allows for convenient cleaning and easy filling. If desired, the drainage ball valve provides the option of pouring directly into bottles.

Item No. 27370
Stainless steel tanks with spout

We offer the following tank capacities:
5 litre / 10 litre / 15 litre / 30 litre / 50 litre / 100 litre

Stainless Steel Tanks

Stainless steel tanks are characterized by their sturdiness and multi-purpose functionalities. Part of the tank features are:

–3 height-adjustable feet
– Manhole door oval
– Upper dome lid
– Discharge ball valve NW 50
– Relief and anti-vacuum valve DN 50
– Level indicator
– Inclined connection for tank agitator NW-50
– Try tap

Tank sizes and volumes are custom built based on your individual needs.

Stainless steel bucket

Perfect for collecting the distillate during the distilling process.

Item No. 27301
Bucket made of stainless steel
15 liters filling capacity
Including inner scale

Stainless steel lid available upon request.

Wood Barrels

Distillate storing in wood barrels is particularly popular with stone fruits, brandy, pomace, grains, as well as cane sugar spirits. In addition to the typical colouration, the distillate aroma is rounded out with wood- and roast flavours.
For some distillates such as whisky, storing and aging the distillate in wood barrels with a maximum volume of 700 liters is mandatory for three years.

We would be happy to assist you with locating suitable new and/or freshly emptied barrels for barrel aging from a wide variety of woods.

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