Used Pot Stills

Quality that remains

Our Pot Stills convince through their durability, efficiency and the outstanding MÜLLER quality. Manufactured by hand in our family business, they will continue to function perfectly for many years. Therefore, a used Pot Still may be an option for you. Please note that availabilities of used pot stills are limited..

Please contact us. We will be happy to consult you.

mash & harvest trailer


Rauch TE16SH incl. mashing mechanism. New tires amd rims. 1800 L capacity

MÜLLER AROMA 150 liters


MÜLLER AROMA, wood-fired, 150 liters with CIP cleaning and dephlegmator


Mueller_distillery_plants_distillery_used_refurbisehd_potstill_aroma (4)

MÜLLER AROMA, wood heated, approx. 120 liters with stainless steel tube cooling system

Eccentric screw pump

Mueller_distillery_plants_distillery_used_refurbisehd_potstill_aroma (3)

large eccentric screw pump with funnel for mashing in and adapter for pumping over.

Holstein, about 140 L

Mueller_distillery_plants_distillery_used_refurbisehd_potstill_aroma (5)

Holstein Alambic without column, gas or oil heated, year 2000

MÜLLER Essential Oils/Grappa


MÜLLER essential oils with copper hood, 150 L, heating: wood - electric combination